Indian Instrumental Music Breaks All Language Barriers

Though Hindustani classical music is mainly focused on the vocal performance but a number of instruments have also associated with it since ancient times. In other parts of the world, instrumental form of music is more popular than vocal music. The reason being, it is more soul-stirring than the other forms according to them. Additionally, different style, faster tempo and no language barrier of Indian instrumental music are other reasons for its extreme popularity in South Asia.

A number of musical instruments are associated with both the forms of classic music of India. These include Veena, Sitar, Sarod, Tabla, Santoor, Shenai, Bansuri, Pakhavaj and Sarangi; Veena being the most important one. It is regarded as one of the most traditional and oldest musical instruments. It is a string instrument that induces a soul-stirring and soothing effect on listeners. Nowadays, it is played by very few artists and has been superseded by the Sarod and the Sitar. Although they are truly Indian musical instrument but they owe their origin to Persian influences. Apart from this, there are several other strings or plucked instruments including surbahar, santoor, sursingar and other sliding guitars. In Carnatic or South Indian music, Ghatam, Kanjira, Veena, Flute, Tanpura, Violin and Morsing are the popular ones.

Indian music has seen a lot of changes over a period of time. Other musical instruments that are not of Indian origin have also gained popularity. The fusion music (classical and western music) is more experimental in nature and uses all types of instruments including violin, guitar and harmonium. The instruments have been classified under different categories such as wind instruments, bow instruments, plucked instruments and string stuck instruments. Various instruments are used to induce different effects of varying degree. They have magical powers that can affect the mood and tone of the listeners and take them to an entirely different state of mind.

The well known personalities associated with instrumental form of Indian classical music including Pandit Ravi Shankar, Ali Akbar Khan, Ustad Vilayat Khan, Ustad Bismillah Khan, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, Nikhil Banerji and Ustad Amzad Ali Khan have played an important role in popularizing the musical instruments. Ustad Zakir Hussain and his father Allah Rakha have immensely popularized the percussion instrument Tabla in the world. The most striking feature of instrumental form of music is that it breaks all the barriers of the language and is regarded as one of the purest forms of music that can be understood by anyone and everyone.

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What Women Should Consider When Getting Advice

It’s quite true that women, just like men, need help in finding their ways and handling things from time to time. Since women are widely known to be the more sentimental and emotional between the two sexes, they tend to be more inclined to seeking advice as well as tips in many things, including relationships, social life, jobs, health, and others. Sadly though, not all tips and advice a woman can get from everyone is honest, pure, and without malice. You never can be too sure that everyone you seek advice from will have good intentions because there always will be one who has ill motives towards you.

So if you are someone who is in need of advice in different aspects of your life, you might want to give these three things some consideration first:

1 – First things first, figure out why you’re in need of advice in the first place.

The key here is to be particularly sure about the reason you cannot deal with the issue on your own decision-making. So whenever you figure that out, that’s the time you make the realization that the only possible means of handling whatever it is that bothers you is by seeking someone else’s advice. One thing you must completely avoid is seeking advice not because you need it but because you just want everyone else to know you have some issues or problems you need to deal with. It’s a common occurrence in social media and you definitely don’t want to be labeled as someone who possesses victim-mentality attitude. The reason why you want to avoid this is because you’re just trying to get sympathy from others and it could lead to some form of attention addiction. Therefore, before seeking advice, make sure you feel that there is value in getting one.

2 – Next thing you need to factor in is the person to whom you plan on getting advice from.

While you probably are more concerned about getting quality advice, you also would want to make sure you’re getting it from a trustworthy individual. Some are more than willing to listen to what you have to say but only a few will give their genuine advice or opinion. Be smart in selecting the people you seek advice because some of them might only be willing to listen so that they can hear what you have to say and then talk about it to other people. Aside from your most trusted friends, you also can get advice from professionals such as therapists, psychologists, and psychics, all of whom are experts in giving advice about life in general.

3 – Finally, you have to learn what makes an advice great.

You do have to understand that not all tips you get from people are true and of great value. Even if you need help from other people to act on something, it still is important that you at least know if acting on it based on the advice will produce something positive.

Short Course on Dating – Getting to Square 1

Romance in the Right Perspective

Romance is going out of your shell by expressing your innermost affection in a meaningful way. A lack of romance does not necessarily equate to a lack of love, but why is romance elusive? Finding the right romantic partner is often a difficult journey, for several reasons.

Loving yourself first

Feelings are informational, meaning that it lets us know whether we love ourselves, abandoning ourselves, or others are either loving or controlling. Now that you’re beginning to understand your feelings, go further by moving towards those feelings rather than going away from it dismissing it by staying focused more on your thoughts or judging yourself. Invite the loving presence of your higher self into your heart, and consciously open to learning about loving yourself. Then try to explore your ego-wounded self, understanding the fear and false beliefs of yourself, which is negatively pointing to self-abandoning. Explore those innermost feelings of heartbrokenness or loneliness or helplessness and ask yourself what has caused you to feel those feelings. The answers may come in words, images, or in a dream, for as long as your heart is open to learning, the answers will come. Allow time to heal the shame, anxiety and depression, and overtime you will be able to love yourself and connect with yourself, which is the key ingredient to loving and connecting with others.

Go after your fate in life

When you have made that important decision to live the life that you want to live, you will become attracted to the right people who share your own views about life.

Looking for the fantasy partner

Be grounded as to be down-to-earth in looking for the right partner, instead of fantasizing a partner who is just a product of your own imagination. As you continue to imagine a hypothetical partner, you also begin to behave into another personality in order to meet up with your imaginative partner, to which meeting others will create false hopes as you would like them to fit into your fantasy partner. The effect will allow you to wander away from reality and from the real path in your life.

Act on it

The laws of attraction is a mystery and yet very compelling, so that it just means that waiting for your destined partner in life will just turn up in the right time. Act now and be socially involved by going out on dates, making more friends, and being socially visible.

Get rid of your baggage

If you still have a load of baggage in your emotional self, start getting rid of it, as that baggage is history, a past chapter in your life. When you have discovered to love yourself, that emotional baggage should have been the first thing to leave from your heart.

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Alternatives to Your Addiction

Everyday life is teeming with all sorts of addicting factors; on a daily basis, millions of people make use of chemicals to relax and feel better. Most of the time, items and substances like these are viewed as completely normal because almost everyone uses them. Life is hard and earning a living is not as easy as before, so we need to save more and spend less; so many people have been buried deep in debt because of expenses involving their addiction. Each and every addiction has a solution and even better alternatives, but the road to completely letting go of it will be difficult.

In digital addiction, the most common ones spring up from numerous kinds of social media. In terms of communication, social media has greatly helped us in connecting with people all around the world. People give and receive likes, invites and follows and this makes them feel popular; the feeling can be addictive, so they spend as much time as they can on their accounts. A great option in solving this addiction is to actually go out and meet with friend or new people. Instead of pouring your time in social media, you can spend it with another person; that’s how we truly socialise and it’s obviously healthier in many ways.

Next on our list is a more serious addiction compared to the first. Gambling has been part of people’s lives for centuries now, even the oldest of books and records mention them, but now people can spend an overwhelming amount of money for gambling even in their homes. Online casinos have taken over the world of online gambling; it’s like playing in an actual casino but everything is digital like the players and the board. Aside from the money itself, the main reason why people gamble is because of the rush of winning, but the very same rush can be felt from competitive games; if you think about it, competitive games are the best cost-effective alternative.

The most addictive substance in our society today would be nicotine and people get hooked when they smoke. Before you permanently get hooked on nicotine, you can try to lessen the usage with all kinds of nicotine alternatives; the go-to alternative that people use are e-cigarettes. Buying an e-cigarette for yourself is simple, just search for a website, read customer reviews and pay.

More than 90% of Americans have been addicted to caffeine; a substance that increases the heart rate and make the body consume resources at a faster pace and provide an energy rush. Coffee is can’t damage your health if you don’t over drink, but you still should look for better energy giving drinks.

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A Stylish Checklist for the Stylish Professional

Looking your very best at the office may be hard, as certain tasks may prohibit you from taking care of yourself. But there is always that one employee in the office that always looks good regardless, which may make you ask yourself “why can’t I look just as good?”.

First thing’s first, always remember that when you get dressed, it shouldn’t be a heavy responsibility on your part. Always pick something that is lively and fun that makes you feel you and upbeat for that day. When you look good at the morning, you would feel good when you get to work which could help you in moments of interacting with your boss or your fellow employees, and it could also help you in getting that promotion.

The checklist that follows will show you tips on how to manage your everyday wardrobe at work:

First Tip: Do My Clothes Fit?

Your first priority would be to have something that fits your body beautifully. As you could see from various media outlets, women and men who wear clothes that fit them and are tailored to their body shape, tend to make these individuals look appealing to the audience’s eyes. The only problem that people have is that they don’t know what fits their bodies best. People, instead, go for the most “popular” trends or outfits than taking into consideration that these certain clothing only answer to a certain type of audience in the market.

Let us put things in simple terms, if you put on clothes that don’t fit your shape, then, you would either look frumpy or something inappropriate for your work. These perspectives are things you should avoid for anyone to perceive you. Two solutions with having wrong fitted clothes is to either have it tailored, or you could style it in such a manner that it makes it look good and appropriate.

Two: Do The Clothes Flatter My Figure?

For instance, some people buy designer outfits when they have a chance, like having a Nordstrom coupon, in order to look more fancy at the office. Even though it looks good in paper, it doesn’t necessarily translate to the everyday man or woman. What is the reason you may ask? A variety of styles would only differ depending on the figure of an individual. The employee who looks great at the office knows and understands their body foremost, and how certain clothes would look good with his or her style.

That is why your wardrobe and style should center on the shape of your body because it is not all about the big names of fashion, but how you could make that outfit your own. If you don’t absorb this critical advice, then you would just look unappealing to your fellow employee’s eyes.

Third Tip: Are Your Clothes Balanced Well?

Looking flattering is different from looking a mess despite having the right fit and form for your body.

A 10-Point Plan for Wellness (Without Being Overwhelmed)

An Explanation on How Small Changes Can Mean Big Things

As with any other person in this world, you do not have some aims in life. This is true, especially when it comes to your health. But what’s disappointing to know is that even though you have exerted huge efforts and have done big things, you still hold your goals within the palms of your hand. So aren’t you have to think of the size? Perhaps, you are just doing the very big acts. If you consider shifting to the small aspects of your goals and begin small, you could perchance get to see things taking effect. Do not forget that things so small make the biggest difference.


Speaking of small things, haven’t you heard yet that a small habit as flossing can do your life and health a lot of amazing benefits. Yes, that is right! Daily flossing your teeth can actually give you more years to live. Not flossing your teeth everyday can only lead the increase of bacteria in your mouth. When the bacteria aren’t taken away, it will enter into your bloodstream and start some serious physical diseases. For example, they could cause inflammation in the arteries, which could be start of heart disease. What this means to say is that flossing will do your heart good, not to mention it giving you a nice breath and white pearly teeth.


Ever since electronic cigarettes have arrived in the market, people have been asking so many questions about their positive and negative effects. Well, if you really want to know, you can come across with so many information over the web. But what is certain is that electronic cigarettes do offer you the ability to decide on the amount of nicotine that you consume. If you desire too much nicotine, then you can do so. On the other hand, if you want less, that will also be possible. In other words, this can provide you with some good help if you have the intention of totally giving up on smoking.


Perhaps, you have been occupied with so many things to do that you have longer visited your gym. But halt, exercise should be treated differently. If you cannot go to work without brushing your teeth, treat exercise in the same manner. And it may just be a small thing but it will do your health a lot.

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Different Ways to Calm Your Soul and Your Mind for a Better You

We all go through a lot of things every day. Many people today are depending on antidepressants just to calm their minds and souls. They have a lot of worries here and there. Is there any way for you to feel calm and satisfied while being busy in this world today? Always yes is the answer but you have to find it. Right now you are fortunate because this article will help you.

There are many ways to calm your soul and your mind in this busy world. We are going to take a look at some of the smartest ways to do that for you.

Right Perspectives. The reason why numerous individuals in this world are not happy and enjoying it is because their perspectives about themselves and everything around is not right at all. You may compare your mind as a magnifying glass. The proportion is endless when you think. Putting down the magnifying glass makes it easier for you to see everything in the right perspective. What you focus on will always grow out of proportion. The mind you have is beautiful.

Right Tools. Instead of trusting those antidepressants to calm your minds why not trust the latest trends from the millennial individuals. Calming them all the time are because of these new trends that are very effective. To help you quit smoking cigarettes these some ways will help you. These e-cigarettes are the new trends today. Here are top 10 E-Cigarette myths debunked that will prove to you that e-cigarettes are better than cigarettes.

Right Knowledge. It is quite alarming that even though there are too many facts you find online today you are not sure if all of them are real. Vaping is not safe which most people believe as an example. Vaping is safe as well explained in the top 10 e-cigarette myths debunked. Vaping doesn’t cause the same harm that smoking cigarette does. Here you will know why top 10 e-cigarette myths debunked verified that using e-cigarettes are better than regular smoking. It is ridiculous to say that there’s antifreeze in vaping. The propylene glycol which you can actually find in most foods and drinks are what you can find in e-cigarettes which is explained in the top 10 e-cigarette myths debunked which tells you that e-cigarettes has no antifreeze or whatsoever. You will learn a lot from the top 10 e-cigarette myths debunked that e-cigarettes are not addictive as what you may seem to know.

Right Science. Your science is very important and you must be aware of science facts. Knowing what is right you will be able to take care of your body well. Science tells you that including proper exercise, good sleep and rehydration to your body helps to clear your mind well. It is best to avoid getting tired.

It is important that you have the right mind.

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Jeans and Its Casualness

Considered as one of the essential garments, jeans are also almost always found in every wardrobe.Men and women, alike are in love with the comfort and casualness that a pair of nice jeans can offer. Nowadays, even the corporate world is already embracing a culture of denim-wearing professionals. The downside with this garment is, it can be difficult sometimes to get the right pair for you. Even though you already have the right size, sometimes the color is just not right that you have to go down the shelf and search for another one.

Experts continue to offer tips and tricks when looking for the best pair that would complement your body type. Blogs and online lifestyle magazine continues to offer these ideas on how to look for the right fit. Overall the most important thing you need to have when shopping for your next pair is a lot of patience. Stores can offer a wide range of brands to choose from and this can get overcoming for some. Most men, in particular, cannot stand the idea of shopping for hours just to get a nice pair of jeans. Unless you go for a personal shopper, then you need to extend your patience to get the pair that would complement your body type.

We easily get attracted to cheaper items and most of the time, we are tempted to get the cheapest pair of jeans as branded products are expensive. This is one of the pitfalls in getting the right pair. Comfort and looking good usually entail that we invest a little. Of course, this is not always to say that cheap products are always bad, but with the material used to market these items, they mostly will not last that long. This would mean that you will be buying another one sooner than you think. Invest in something that is of good quality, if you like, you can also take advantage of coupons to get discounts on your purchases.

Choosing a size that is smaller than your body frame. This is another very common fashion faux pas that shoppers commit. It is very enticing to pick a pair that is smaller than your size, but the thing with jeans is, it won’t look too good on your body. The fact that you are wearing a size too small would mean that it would look lumpy on your waistline. With smaller sizes, it will also mean that it’s not that comfortable to wear. The right size will not just make you look good, it would also provide you the comfort you are paying for.

When there is no exact size, you can always got for something that is just a size larger and then just get a belt to complement it. Also make it a point to get the right length so you won’t look shorter.

Embellishing A Small Pond With A Homemade Fountain And Lighting

If an individual recently had a small pond installed in their back yard and would like to embellish the water feature, they can add a homemade fountain and lighting by completing the steps below. The results can be enjoyed day and night and will draw attention to a piece of property.


  • concrete blocks
  • sturdy plastic pot
  • plastic sheeting
  • luminescent spray paint
  • self-adhesive stencils
  • paintbrush
  • power drill
  • scissors
  • rubber tubing
  • measuring tape
  • submersible water pump
  • electrical source
  • LED waterproof lighting
  • light stakes

Preparing Concrete Blocks And A Pot

One or two concrete blocks can be used to support small pond fountains. The blocks should be set in the center of a pond. A sturdy plastic flowerpot needs to be placed on top of a table that has been covered with plastic sheeting. After securing self-adhesive stencils to the pot’s exterior, luminescent spray paint can be used to fill in each one. Paint needs to dry thoroughly before carefully removing each stencil. A power drill can be used to make a hole in the bottom of the pot.

Connecting Tubing And A Water Pump And Installing Lights

One end of a piece of rubber tubing that is a few feet long needs to be inserted through the hole that is in the bottom of the pot. The other end of the tubing should be secured to a submersible water pump. The pot can be placed on top of the concrete blocks and the pump should be set inside of the pond. Waterproof lighting can be installed in various parts of the pond. Lights that are secured to stakes can be inserted around the pond’s perimeter.

After the submersible pump is plugged in and the pump’s power is turned on, water will move through the tubing and fill the pot. Once the pot is filled, water will flow over its rim. During the daytime, photons that are emitted by the sun’s rays will be absorbed by the luminescent paint that was added to the pot. The luminescent paint will glow when it is dark out and the lighting that was installed will enhance the water feature.

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Choosing a Genuine Online Psychic

You may be in search of a psychic for a variety of reasons. Maybe you have just lost a loved one and are trying to make contact with them, or perhaps you want answers to certain issues in your life that are bothering you, or probably you’re just curious about the things a psychic can do for you. In any case, a psychic reading is a good way to help you sort your emotions out or give closure if necessary.

For any reason you may be looking for a psychic, the Internet is often the easiest place to start. When you search for a psychic online, you can trim down your options more easily, as well as save time.

Here are the top considerations you should make as you hunt for a real online psychic:

Psychic Type

First things first, decide what type of psychic will be able to help you. Do you want a medium who can link you up with the spirit world, for instance, or a psychic clairvoyant who can answer some questions you have in your mind about your life? Yes, psychics too have their own “competencies.”


After deciding on the type of psychic you need and finding one, the next important step is to consider his or her reputation. Look for an online psychic who has positive reviews and feedback from real customers (some testimonials online are all made up by the “psychics” themselves for marketing purposes). You do have to spend time for this to avoid being ripped off by a bogus psychic.


Location is important as well, just in case you feel that a personal meeting with your online psychic would be more effective. You may want the psychic to come to your home and give you a reading in person. Of course, there are many online psychics who can actually work on the web, if not on the phone. Then again, you can decide on this based on your preference and on the psychic you have chosen.


Yet another essential consideration as you search for a psychic online is price. You will obviously have to ensure that the fee fits your budget and that you will get great value in exchange. Again, search the Internet for information about the psychic you’re eying, and what his or her past customers think of the service they got.

Your Intuition

Finally, sometimes, you just have to listen to your own gut feel whether an online psychic is for real or not. Besides, all of us are psychics in some way. If everything checks out with somebody, but somehow you feel there’s something not so right deep inside, look elsewhere. After all is said and done, it’s just your instinct that can help you choose the right online psychic.

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